April, 2020, San Francisco

About the Forum

Synergy Startup Forum in San Francisco is a forum for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to trends in venture capital financing and the path to an estimated capitalization of  $1 billion or more.

All information about development, large-scale capitalization and pitfalls in project financing will be made public for 2 days at the world center for technological entrepreneurship. You will learn insiders and review real cases of business angels, representatives of venture funds and accelerators.

Business Synergy Forum

Program Agenda

The Path to $1 Billion
and Beyond

The main goal of Synergy Startup Forum is to open the most important information about venture investment. At the forum, you will learn about the difficulties and life hacks on the way to become large international company and develop your own method how to capitalize $1 billion, while saving the main resources — time and money.

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Synergy Forum

Sean Sheppard

How to Grow A Startup — The Foolproof Formula for Finding Product-Market Fit

Sean is a serial entrepreneur VC and co-founder of GrowthX and GrowthX Academy, with three successful exits, who has successfully grown dozens of early-stage companies across a wide variety of products and markets.



Synergy Forum

Lucas Wang

Welcome to the future world of mobile robots

The Partner of WIHarper Group in San Francisco, Lucas is with 20 years of experience in early stage cross-border business either as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist or an operation officer in tech companies.



Synergy Forum

Phin Upham

Finding the Next Fintech Unicorn. The Future of Fintech

Phin Upham is the Managing Partner at Haymaker Capital a venture capital firm in San Francisco focused on technology & early stage fintech. Previously he was a Managing Director at Thiel Capital focused on private fintech investments.



Synergy Forum

Gary Fowler

From clean slate to global — the strategy of rapid growth

Gary Fowler is the CEO, President, and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios. Previously, he co-founded top CIS accelerators GVA and SKOLKOVO Startup Academy, where over 30% of the companies went on to achieve success.


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Forum Agenda

Each of the two days of the Forum will be devoted to current topics and issues

April 4

  • Make your brand a breakthrough!
  • Welcome to the future of mobile robots.
  • Are you ready for 5G?
  • How to build a unicorn company outside of Silicon Valley?
  • Evolution of AR and VR.
  • Robots are dead, long live robots!
  • How to make your startup interesting to an investor?

April 5

  • Is an IPO a sign of unconditional success?
  • Big data = big growth?
  • Business secrets of Silicon Valley.
  • Cybersport: Road Map of the Future.
  • From zero to world level - rapid growth strategy.
  • How AI discovered the world of data.

San Francisco

Silicon Valley is a concentration of expertise and the birthplace of global leaders. The area accounts for 25% of the world’s technology entrepreneurship economy. Most of the country’s venture capital funds, innovation centers and corporate funds of major international companies are located around San Francisco.

Such location creates a perfect ecosystem for any stage of investment: from «Angel» to round C. Join the industry leaders!






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Synergy Global Forum

Producer of large-scale global business forums in Europe, USA, UAE

Included in Guinness World Records as «The Largest Business Event in the World – 2017»

The Forum is a product of Synergy Business School Network
Private Elite University that provides executive MBA education,and has branches in USA, Kazakhstan, UAE & Russia

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The list of key speakers of Synergy Global Forums include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Mike Tyson, Nick Vichich, Nassim Taleb and many others

Our Worldwide Experience

Synergy Global Previous Speakers


Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Group owner, billionaire


Nick Vujicic

Motivational speaker, writer and singer


Steve Forbes

Head of Forbes Media


Ray Kurzwell

Inventor and futurist, Google consultant on machine learning


Jack Welch

Legendary Manager and ex-CEO of General Electric


Jordan Belfort

Ex-broker, the real Wolf of Wall Street


Oliver Stone

Three times Oscar winner, film director, producer and screenwriter


Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Outstanding economist, author of the “Black Swan” theory


Daniel Kahneman

Psychologist, holder of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2002


Jimmy Wales

Wikipedia founder, Internet entrepreneur


Gary Vaynerchuk

Leading marketing expert, owner of digital agency VaynerMedia


Tony Robbins

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, #1 life and business strategist


Guy Kawasaki

Apple Chief Evangelist, legendary manager, startup philosophy guru

April, 2020, San Francisco

The Path to $1 Billion and Beyond

April, 2020, San Francisco

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